What is RPL
(Recognition of
Prior Learning)?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a simple process of formal skills recognition through which your existing skills, knowledge and experience are converted into a nationally recognised qualification.

Realistic RPL Process

Use Your Skills and Experience to
Gain Formal Qualifications

There is more than one way of getting into the career of your choice despite not having the formal qualifications required. Your skills and knowledge that you have attained through informal learning such as life experience, work and training can all count towards Realistic RPL’s skills recognition assessment, or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL.)

These skills that you have developed may count towards a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment. Realistic Training Options RPL provides skills recognition Australia-wide, and is able to shorten your length of time for additional studies. In some cases your skills can be recognised in a way that you will not have to do any further study.

Recognition Prior Learning

No Repeat Learning Necessary

Backed by Over 20 Years Experience

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Quicker & Cheaper than Normal Study

Quicker Than Traditional Study

Recognition Prior Learning

Enhanced Career Opportunities

Recognition Prior Learning

Cheaper Than Traditional Study

Streamlined Paperless Process

Paperless RPL Process

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Bruce Ashton – Diploma of Building and Construction

“I’d like to thank Realistic RPL for such a smooth RPL process. My new qualification has opened doors for my career and will now allow me to take the next step.”

Bruce Ashton – Diploma of Building and Construction

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