Builder Restricted to Structural Landscaping (short course)

Provided by Realistic Training Options RTO No. 32496

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Qualification Overview

Scope of work Prepare, fabricate and erect carports, decking, fences, gate, gazebos, ornamental structures, pergolas, ponds and water features, prefabricated sheds including associated concrete slabs, with a floor area of not more than 10m², and retaining walls and structures Construct artificial landform structures requiring a fabricated internal structure Prepare site, excavate, lay paving or concrete associated with landscaping Install irrigation for landscaping works Install, erect and construct playground equipment Construct, maintain and repair a tennis court or another sporting court, including, for example the following; prepare or excavate the site; concrete for the construction, maintenance or repair of the court; apply materials or treatments to the surface of the court Prepare plans and specifications that are: for the licensee’s personal use, or for use in building work to be performed by the licensee personally.
(RPL for this qualification is provided by our partner RTO Realistic Training Options RTO No. 32496)

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